Dating Chronicles: Maybe It's Me...

Nothing wrong with a little self-reflection. I have stories for days about some of my dating horror stories but I'm not ashamed to say some of the horror comes from me. I'm human! Sue me! Just kidding, don't sue me. I don't have time or money. 

1. The time I started crying on a first date because it was going so well. He didn't seem to mind...maybe he somehow found it endearing? Either way, I don't recommend tears on dates. This situation eventually resulted in ME rejecting HIM. I have no idea how. 

2. Making a friendly bet on what most people would say is the first day of the week and then getting really fucking upset when everyone kept saying Monday when CLEARLY it's Sunday... general "know-it-all" pretentiousness....not a good look. 

3. Being TOO open TOO soon: going passionately on and on about my political, ethical, religious, social views, then sprinkling on some exciting stories about my eccentric, mildly mental ill, gay son and then daring my date to say boo about...any of this. 

4. Not shaving to make sure nothing happens...later wishing I had shaved. 

5. Coming across cocky or ridiculously insecure with no in between. 

6. Talking too much. 

7. Yawning too much. 

8. Being too fat.

9. Not dressing well.

10. Overthinking my weight, dress, number of yawns. 

11. Asking questions he's already told me the answer to in texts... i.e. not keeping up with the roster

12. Not giving him a chance

13. Giving too many chances

14. Hoping.

15. Giving up hope

16. Starting stories with, "My therapist told me the funniest thing..."

17. Falling... literally and symbolically...usually very painful. 

So, I don't know...maybe it's me. The fight goes on!!!!!