I have something really honest to say but just can't say it.

I have so many questions to ask but just can't ask them.

I am so angry but am not allowed to express it.

I'm grasping at straws of hope but feel as if it's in vain.

I'm so mad at him and her...and him. 

I wish I could protect.

I wish I could rescue. 

I wish I could help but selfishly do anything not to think about myself, about my own terrifying hope. 

I wish I knew him.

I wish I knew who he'll morph into ten years from now.

I wish things worked out. 

I wish I wasn't so strong but...thank God I'm so strong. 

I'm fooling myself.

I'm sabotaging myself. 

I wish he knew me. 

I wish he listened to me. 

I wish I could be honest. 

I'm glad I can forgive. 

I'll forgive.

I have so many honest things to say but just can't say.

I wish they'd be bold and brave and wouldn't shy away from the light of change. 

I wish I could give them strength. 

I'll worry about me later, maybe never. 

I wish I knew what to do. 

I wish we'd all find peace.