My Married Neighbor: Part III

The front door knob turned slowly. The hinges creaked as the door swung open. The footsteps were heavy and deliberate. 

Two minutes ago I was ready. Now, my heart beat visibly through my chest.

I heard him walk straight to my staircase and begin his ascent. 

I'd left the door unlocked, hoping he wouldn't knock, hoping he'd just come in and find me in my assigned position. 

He didn't disappoint.

The footsteps continued. He was at the top of the stairs. 

I licked my lips and took a deep breath. 

My back faced my rooms opening. I could feel him behind me.

"Perfect," he uttered, deep and smooth.

From across the room, his single word covered my body in chills. 

I turned and looked over my shoulder, garnering all the sex appeal I could muster. I wanted him to want me as much as I desperately wanted him.

"Hello," I said.

He responded by lifting his black tank top over his head and letting it fall to the ground. 

His eyes stayed on mine as he silently stepped out of his boots, unbuckled his jeans and slowly walked towards me.

My body began to follow my eyes and turn towards him.

"Stay put," he said.

I obeyed, turning both my body and sight away from him. 

I heard him push his pants to the ground. I wondered if his boxers or briefs were included in the removal. 

A moment passed and I heard nothing. 

I almost turned around to check but was careful to follow instructions. 

He didn't keep me waiting long.

Before I could exhale my held breath, he climbed onto my bed behind me, his completely bare body pressed against mine. He buried his face in my hair and inhaled deeply. 

"Damn," he exhaled, "You smell good."

I attempted to swallow my girly, flattered smile. 

He moved my hair to one side and kissed my neck, slowly moving his lips down to my shoulder. 

Looking down, I saw his hands draped over my arms. His skin was darker than my own. It was rougher, stronger. He squeezed my arms as he continued to caress my shoulder with his lips.

"Lie down," he instructed. 

Without a word, I extended my body, stomach flat on my sheets, arms resting at my sides. He straddled my body and kneaded my skin, gently starting at my shoulders, his touch firming as he descended down my back.

Magically, his hands massaged every ounce of nerves out of my body.

I so desperately wanted to turn over, to grab his face, to kiss him passionately and ease him inside of me.

But I didn't move.

His hands reached my behind, massaged my cheeks with the perfect pressure. 

Then he kissed them, gave each cheek a peck, then a nibble, then a lick, then a bite. 

My body spontaneously wiggled as he blew a breeze of cool breath across my back. I moaned into my pillow and could feel my pussy start to drip. 

He laid his body on top of mine. Unapologetically, his manhood grazed against my backside. My legs instinctively spread. 

"Dallas..." I started.

"Don't worry," he said, apparently reading my mind. 

He reached down to the ground, retrieved a condom from his pants pockets and was back on top of me once again. Sliding on the protection only made me want him more. There was nothing in my way of abandoning this game of domination and just taking control my damn self. 

My thoughts were quickly interrupted. His tongue was back but this time not on my ass. 

Dallas shifted off of me and lifted my hips, propping my knees up on the bed, turned himself over to lie on his back, his face directly underneath my opening and slowly lowered my body down onto his face.

"Oh," I moaned repeatedly, uncontrollably. 

I balanced my weight to rest between my knees and my hands. I had more control that way. 

He grabbed my ass as I grinded forwards and backwards, to the right and left, making a million circles on his face. He followed my rhythm, squeezed my behind and went with my flow, let my body move wherever it needed to go.  

His tongue on the other hand needed no direction at all. He licked and sucked and tickled and teased and ate and drank and ate some more.

I wouldn't be able to handle it much longer.

My body tilted forward in a desperate attempt to escape but he wouldn't allow it. His grip tightened as he held me in place. 

I shuddered and tightened the muscles in my thighs around his face until that rare wave of ultimate bliss rose from my toes and exploded through every cell in my body. 

I panted and moaned as my body finally relaxed, melting further into him. My body felt heavy under the weight of release but Dallas didn't seem to mind. He held me up, licked me clean, placed kisses delicately across my opening from one thigh to the other.

After one last kiss goodbye, Dallas removed his head and readjusted to hover over me. He finally turned me over, allowing me to lie down on my back. 

"How do you feel?" he asked.

"There are no words."

He smiled. 


There wasn't much time to rest. He started kissing my collarbone as his fingertips grazed my stomach. His hands moved down to my thigh as his lips moved up to my mouth.

He turned me onto my side and we lied there face to face, his hand now planted firmly on my ass. 

His eyes were deep and dark. I was lost instantly. In that moment I didn't care that he was married. I didn't care that his lovemaking was so powerful I was bound to fall for him, bound to get hurt. I just stared into his eyes and let it happen, welcomed any foreseen danger with an accepting smile. 

I moved closer to him. His hand moved up to my face, his fingers now running through my hair.  

Unable to resist, I closed my eyes and kissed him, long and hard. I was hungry to taste him. We had just been quite intimate but I needed to kiss him, to feel truly close to him. He reciprocated. 

His grip in my hair tightened slightly and he devoured me. He made me feel like the only woman on the planet, the only woman he could ever possibly want. Holding eachother's faces, we melted deeper into each other. We were hungry, the other the only possible food source. 

We turned and I was again on my back. He, finally, on top of me. I grabbed his back and pulled him lower. I needed to feel him, all of him.

Without breaking our rhythm or missing a beat, I felt his hardness enter me, finally. Our hips joined the dance our mouths already began. 

He moved deep within me and I dwelled in his presence, pleased with the pain. 

My mouth moved to his chest to his arms and back to his lips. 

I pulled his hair as he furthered his exploration inside of my body.  

Nothing in this world had ever felt better. 

His movements increased and I felt it coming again, the wave of pleasure. I tried to fight it, tried to slow down and resist it but again, he wouldn't let me. He pinned my arms above my head with one hand and grabbed my hip with the other. He took control completely and I was powerless. 

My eyes closed and I let it happen. I had no choice. I was pinned to my bed not only by my lover's grip but by a blanket of pure ecstasy. 

I moaned and Dallas joined me. A two-man choir singing the most heavenly hymn.

The wave was back, this time rushing over the both of us. In perfect unison, our bodies exploded euphorically, then settled. 

He stayed inside of me. He stayed on top of me. I hoped he'd never leave. I knew he would. 

His head rested on my chest and I played with his hair in the silence. 

"Where did you come from?" he eventually asked.

"Clearly, I should be asking you that question."

"I've never...No one's ever made me act this way before," he said.

"I thought you had an open marriage."

"I do, we do. But, I've never just connected with anyone this quickly, not even my wife."


"You're right. I'm probably saying too much."

"Yeah, don't want to get a poor girl's hopes up."

"Is that what's happening?" he said, his eye contact returning to its usual intensity.

"I plead the fifth," I said with a coy smile.

"I like you."

"I'm afraid of you."

He kissed me. He kissed me long and hard and I prayed he'd never leave.