Spoken Word: Part III

Correction, to that, there was absolutely nothing to say. 

I looked down into the eyes of the man I knew would be mine and mustered every drop of confidence I possessed as a sea of knowing suddenly washed over me. I gave Kevin Lowe a peek of devilish grin, stood in front of him and pulled him up to stand on his feet and meet me toe to toe, eye to eye. 

I wouldn't let him buy me a drink. We didn't have time.

Throwing inhibitions to the wind, I tossed my arms around him and kissed his perfectly waiting lips. 


One kiss was all I needed to know he was the one.

We ignored the roaring crowd around us. I may have heard Trina "whoop whoop whooping" like Arsenio Hall but I couldn't be entirely sure.

This didn't make any kind of sense but I was smart enough to not question. 

I kissed the man I knew would be mine, giving him every part of myself in that moment, receiving every inch he gave in return.

Every inch.

Every inch?

It hit me. We had to leave. We had to leave, NOW.

Instinctively, he read my mind. Kevin Lowe tore his lips away from mine and I cursed the air that took their place.

Without a word he marched towards the door, his grip still firmly wrapped around my hand.

I looked back only momentarily to grab my purse and mouth, "holy shit!" to a bug-eyed Trina and we were on our way.

We stepped out into the cold air and were all over each other once again. We passionately kissed to his car, annoyingly separated, climbed in the vehicle then made out some more.

The shit was bananas.

Somehow we made it to his place without causing a five-car pile up on the way. I refused to keep my hands to myself. He refused to stop me.

Under any other circumstances, I would have inspected his apartment, checked out how a potential boo lived. Did he own a vacuum? Were the dishes done? Was there a dog? Tonight there was no time for any of that shit.

We banged. 

We banged right there in front of the door. 

We banged on the kitchen table.

We banged on the couch.

We banged on the treadmill! He had a treadmill. 

We banged in bed until the sun started to rise. UNTIL THE SUN STARTED TO RISE.

We finally slept for a few hours, something I've never done comfortably after an initial encounter, then woke up starving. 

This nigga fed me some left over brisket and mashed potatoes and put some cream on my rug burn. Apparently we banged on the carpet too. 

Fifteen hours after I first laid eyes on him, Kevin Lowe dressed me in one of his white cotton t-shirts, looked deep into my eyes and asked, "So, what is your name?"

"Mrs. Lowe," I informed him as if he didn't already know.